Italian Cookies  (Vanilla or Anisette)

Dough Ingredients: – Softened Butter – Sugar – Eggs – Vanilla or Anise – Flour – Baking Powder – Salt – Half & half

My Mom's Italian Cookies have a soft texture, thanks to a secret ingredient! Flavor them with vanilla  or use anise  to make anisette cookies.

Mix, roll into balls & bake!

Recipe Tips!

* Chill the dough  before using it. * Use floured hands. * Chill the remaining dough while some cookies are baking.

Make the glaze.

Glaze Ingredients: – Granulated Sugar – Water – Corn Syrup – Vanilla or Anise – Powdered Sugar Don't forget  the sprinkles !

Wait four hours to dry  before stacking.


Whether you call them "Italian sprinkle cookies"  or  "Italian wedding cookies,"