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This Sugar Cookie  Pie Crust will make your pies look and taste amazing!

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One batch of this recipe will give you  a sugar cookie crust for the base, plus delicious sugar cookies for the top.


Mix  the sugar cookie  dough.

Roll out the dough  for the crust  & cookies. Place the crust dough in the pie plate.

I've made it fool-proof, so the buttery dough is easy  to work with, and it won't slide down the sides of the pan  while baking.

You can customize the crust flavor! 

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TRY: Lemon, for lemon meringue pie Coconut, for coconut cream pie Orange, for cranberry pie Cinnamon or ginger to go with stovetop apple pie filling.

This is a fabulous pie crust option. Use your imagination  and have fun with it!

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